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Michigan Squirrels

In Michigan there are nine different species of squirrels.  These include the Eastern Fox squirrel, Easter gray squirrel, red squirrel, flying squirrels, least chipmunk, eastern chipmunk, thirteen-lined ground squirrel. One common misconception is about flying squirrels which do not actually fly. They have a loose membrame of skin that is attached between their front and back legs which helps them glide from tree to tree.

From mid-December and early January and again in June is the time period that squirrels typically breed. During this breeding season, are when mating chases take place which can be noisy. One or more males will pursue females through trees. When squirrels are not breeding they are solitary. Most litters have between one and eight pups. After two months the youngest are weaned and set on their own. The normal diet of squirrels includes nuts, seeds, fruits, flowers, bugs and insects. If you own a home or business in West Michigan you also know that squirrels are frequent visitors.

Squirrel Removal in Grand Rapids

If you think that you may have one of these little furry guys living uninvited in your yard, garage or on your property, make sure that you contact us today for a free squirrel removal quote. We are trusted throughout West Michigan as the go-to professionals for squirrel removal. Having an uninvited guest such as as squirrel damaging your property or your home can be a cause for concern. We have years of experience with squirrel removal in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas and can quickly and efficiently determine the best coure of action for your individual situation.

Damages that Squirrels Can Cause

In areas with homes and business the damage we typically see from squirrels are from the squirrel gnawing on property. These critters will chew on siding or under the eaves of a home in order to create openings for their nets. Squirrels may also make nests in attics or other areas where they are able to gain entry. Once inside squirrels will chew on insulation and the insulation surrounding wires. This is obviously a major danger as bare wires are a source of fires. Squirrels have often traveled along power lines and shorted out transformers.

Grand Rapids Squirrel Removal

Make sure that you contact us today if you have any concerns about the damages caused by squirrels or other wildlife to your home or business. We are proud to provide critter control and squirrel removal in Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon, Grand Haven, Kentwood, Grandville, and all of West Michigan. Reach out to us today over the phone or fill out our online form for a quote. Our wildlife removal experts are ready to serve you.

Our goal is to be the company that provides the best critter control and squirrel removal in Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon, Grand Haven and surrounding areas.

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