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As the beautiful Michigan summer days begin to get shorter and shorter and the heat of the June, July, and August begin to give way to the crisp autumn nights of September and October it’s not only humans that begin preparing for the cooler months ahead but animals and bugs as well. While we humans may be out raking our yards, fixing our gutters, and putting away the summer lawn furniture animals begin to prepare by growing a thicker winter coat as the bugs begin to try and find a warmer and drier place to wait out the cold months. Unfortunately for homeowners and commercial property owners often time this comfortable place may be within your property.

Pests, in particular, have the fantastic ability to flourish over extended time periods and through serious temperature levels and various evolutionary adjustments. Just think about the well-known and significant ability of the cockroach. In fact, Dinosaur experts believe that cockroaches may have actually fed off of the excrement of dinosaurs!

Unified Pest Control has gained a well earned reputation as the leading pest control service provider in the Grand Rapids area. We take a methodical approach to residential and commercial pest control services. This approach decreases the impact of bugs and pests from impacting your home or business. By utilizing our services you not only will protect the structural integrity of your property but also provide health benefits to individuals who live and work within your property.

The residential or commercial property and commercial pest control service experts at Unified Pest Control can help you fix any pest control issues in your West Michigan area home or business through an integrated approach. We take a three phased approach of sanitation, mechanics, and chemical strategies. Much like humans or animals, these bugs are continuously on the lookout for techniques to to make sure they are finding food, water/moisture, and an area to produce a home for their nests. For instance, mice, spiders, and cockroaches all look for an area or wall location to make a home.

The Unified Pest Control approach to pest control
• Sanitation—We first make sure to remove any trash and mess, eliminate standing water and fill any holes or areas where a pest may live inside
• Mechanical—We may use various applications such as the use of traps, barriers and the actual physical removal of bugs.
• Chemical– a professional application of safe insecticides and pesticides through the application of granules or a spray by a Residential and Commercial Pest Control Service Specialist

Because each pest control scenario depends upon a range of elements, the residential or commercial property and commercial pest control service experts at Unified Pest Control approach each scenario with a mix of specific experience and knowledge to tailor our services to each situation. Depending on the requirements of the customer, Unified Pest Control can utilize one-time service calls, regular month-to-month service needed significant pest control problems, or a quarterly maintenance program.

Allow the residential or commercial property and commercial pest control service professionals at Unified Pest Control to help you to assess and recommend the absolute best kind of pest control for your unique pest control problems. Contact Unified Pest Control today for an 100% free complimentary quote on pest control services for your business or home. Call (616) 208 5411.

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