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Mole Removal in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Mole Removal

Moles can cause a lot of damage to lawns and landscaping. These small animals burrow just below the surface of the ground trying to find grubs, worms or other bugs. The burrowing will cause raised ridges in the yard, and oftentimes there will be a mound of dirt where the moles dig further. Although they do not eat plants, their activities can ruin plant life and root systems.  If you feel that you have a mole problem in your Grand Rapids area home or business, call us today to assist you and save your lawn and landscaping.

About Moles in Grand Rapids

Moles measure about 5″ inches in length. They have fur that is grayish brown. There teeth are shaped like needles and have flattened feet and ears that are hidden. Moles are unique creatures in that they have organs at the root of their hair that allow them to feel vibrations in the ground of potential prey. Technically, moles are not classified as rodents but instead they belong to the mammal group known as insectivores.

Moles feed mainly on earthworms. Because of this it can be very difficult to control them as eliminating insects and grubs won’t cut down on their food supply. Moles will mate in February and March and deliver a litter of three or four approximately 6 weeks after mating.

A family of moles can cause extreme damage to lawns, swimming pool liners, and landscaping causing additional high cost damage. Contact us today to help eliminate moles in your Grand Rapids area home.

Types of Moles in Grand Rapids, MI

While there are over 40 different types of mole species in the world, the Grand Rapids area is home to two main types of moles commonly found in Michigan.

Eastern moles (Scalopus aquaticus): These moles stay mostly underground and feed on pests. They produce between 3 and 5 young and are a territorial species. These mammals are often confused with the vole, mouse or rat.

The Eastern Mole is the most common in West Michigan. Moles live under the ground, and their digging can cause issues to your landscaping.

Mole Removal Grand Rapids MI
Eastern Mole

The Star-Nosed mole (Condylura cristata): This mole is the one creates the big piles of soil on the surface. Of the two, the star nosed mole is generally considered the more difficult to control. This is because their tunnels are further underground.

How to Eliminate Moles in Michigan?

While there is no shortage of “suburban” myths and legends on how to deal with moles in our experience the best way to eliminate moles in the Grand Rapids area is through trapping or baiting with a mole control company such as Unified Pest Control.

We often get asked how to eliminate moles in Grand Rapids. Kevin Frank from Michigan State University summed up mole removal options very succinctly. Here are the key takeaways from his article on the subject.

There are several products that are available to “discourage” moles. Castor oil based products are widely available and some success stories have emerged from these products, but results can be inconsistent (get used to that saying).


    • Mothballs – Not effective and inconsistent
    • Vibration Devices – Not effective
    • Trapping – Very effective. Typically requires a professional to achieve maximum results
    • Poison Baits – Mixed results but caution needs to be used around pets 
    • Home Remedies – Avoid gum, razor blades, glass, etc. Not effective and dangerous to pets and others.

Need assistance with Moles?

Call Unified Pest Control today to get help with mole removal and gopher removal in the Grand Rapids area. We can identify potential solutions and figure out affordable and effective solution for mole removal in Grand Rapids, MI.


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