Forest Hills Pest Control

Forest Hills Pest Control

Forest Hills, MI is located in Kent County and has a population of just under 30,000 people. While it is technically an unincorporated entity, many residents identify with living in Forest Hills because of it’s school district, the Forest Hills Public Schools. It is however recognized as a Census Designated Place (CDP). The CDP of Forest Hills makes up all of Ada Township and portions of Cascade Township.

Forest Hills is considered a suburb of nearby Grand Rapids. The Forest Hills Public School District was originally founded in 1956. At the time, many of the schools in the area were one room school houses and residents of the area banded together in order to consolidate the schools and to build a high school for their children.  Today the school district has over 9,500 students and is one of the largest school districts, by terms of square miles, in the state.

Pest Control in Forest Hills, MI

Like it’s namesake suggests, much of Forest Hills is located in heavily wooded areas. It is also located nearby numerous waterways. Given this residents and business owners of Forest Hills deal with various pest infestations on an ongoing basis. Having to deal with unwarted pests such as  ants, bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, mosquitos, bees, and more is a regular occurrence. These nuisance pests can spread disease and cause damage to property..

Luckily there are solutions to help you deal with a these issues. By partnering with a qualified pest control specialist you can make sure that your property and your family is protected against these pests. We are a Forest Hills Exterminator and have the skills, training, and expertise to make sure that any of your pest control issues are dealt with quickly and effectively all at a reasonable price.

Our Forest Hills Pest Control experts are trained with the latest methods in making sure that those creepy-crawlies are eliminated for good. By being proactive against pest control issues you can make sure that your help reduce the change of a more serious pest infestation.

Forest Hills Mole Control and Removal

Take a drive through Forest Hills and it becomes apparent very quickly that the residents of this area display a pride of ownership in their homes and enjoy tending to their landscaping. Nothing can wreck havoc on a perfectly manicured lawn more than lawn moles. If you notice mounds of dirt suddenly appearing in your yard, this is more than likely the result of lawn moles diggin their way through your yard. 

While you may assume that when you spot these volcano like eruptions throughout your yard that their is an army of moles destroying it. In fact, it may just be a couple of moles that have down the majority of the damage. Our lawn mole removal experts can remove the root of the problem and eliminate moles so you can start getting your lawn back to shape it deserves. If you are are in need of mole removal in Forest Hills make sure you give us a call today.

It’s important that once a mole infestation is spotted in your yard that you call the experts at Unified Pest Control so we can explain our Forest Hills Mole Removal program.  Our lawn mole removal program is affordable and effective and will rid your lawn of moles once and for all.

Forest Hills Bed Bug Exterminator

The West Michigan area is a popular area for bed bugs! In fact, a number of recent national studies has placed the Grand Rapids metro area as one of the hot spots for bed bug infestations in the entire country!

One of the mains reasons for this is that people are now living closer together than ever before and an increased number of people who travel both domestically and internationally helps to provide a perfect breeding ground for bed bugs to flourish.

If you suspect that you have need Forest Hills Bed Bug removal you should contact us as soon as possible. If you delay taking care of a bed bug infestation you can actually may the issue worse as this allows the bed bugs to lay their eggs and multiply.

We have experience dealing with bed bugs in Forest Hills and can help assess your situation and provide advice on the best way to proceed. Contact us today if you need a Forest Hills Pest Control company.


Mosquito Control Forest Hills, MI 

Forest Hills Mosquito Spraying

Much of Forest Hills is located in forested areas and is located to numerous waterways. Given the amount of bodies of water and densely wooded areas it should be of no surprise that mosquitos are rampant in Forest Hills and nearby communities like Kentwood, Caledonia, Wyoming and surrounding areas. Once the sun goes down, these blood sucking pests like to come out driving you and your family back inside.

Mosquitos have been known to carry disease such as EEV, West Nile, and Lyme it is important that you protect your family and reclaim your backyard. Hiring a company that specializes in Forest Hills Mosquito control or Forest Hills Abatement can help with this. Our program is perfect for the homeowner who is looking to get their mosquito problem under control.

Forest Hills Mosquito spraying is one of the best pest control solutions you can undertake to start enjoying your outdoor living space once again.

If you need mosquito control in Forest Hills be sure to give us a call or fill out or online form and we can give you a free no-obligation quote over the phone. 

The professionals at Unified Pest Control are your best option when you are looking for Forest Hills Pest Control.

Exterminator Forest Hills| Forest Hills Pest Control

If you are in search of a Forest Hills Exterminator for pest control make sure to reach out to us for a free no obligation quote. We provide professional pest control for cockroaches, termites, pantry pests, spiders, ants, fleas, beetles, bees and wasps. Protect your Forest Hills home, business and family with a professional pest control service program.

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