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Deciding if you want to do a DIY vs professional pest control company can often times be an overwhelming decision. However, when deciding on how to treat the pests that decide to invade your home or business there are a variety of treatment options that you may be considering. Perhaps ant sightings are a common occurrence every time you go to the kitchen. Maybe rodents such as a mouse or a rat have decided to call your house their home. While certain pest control problems can be taken care of by the average homeowner there are certain task where it just makes sense to let a professional take care of it. Why waste time and money when you can have a professional take care of the same problem without any of the added stress. Whatever bugs, pests, or rodents you are dealing with inside your Grand Rapids area home or business the professional pest control experts at Unified Pest Control have your back.


DIY vs Professional Pest Control

A common misconception is that DIY (Do It Yourself) pest control is merely as effective as professional pest control. In fact, without the proper understanding, products, and experience, dealing with bugs on your own can be a headache. For one, numerous nonprescription pest control products include hazardous chemicals which can be destructive to you, your family, and your animals if they are not made properly manufactured or used. With professional pest control from Unified Pest Control, treatments consisting of chemicals are used in  proper quantities and targeted in places where bugs reside.

Another thing that makes DIY so difficult is the vast variety of bugs that exist and the various methods needed to eliminate them. Unless you have the time and desire to become a bug professional it will be much easier and effective to let a pest control professional deal with the problem.

When you make the decision to choose a professional pest control expert over doing it yourself, you’ll get immediate results that don’t require you to waste time, money, or energy with limited results.  With our professional pest control services you still get to enjoy the rewards of the work (pests and rodents eliminated!) without the hassle of trying to do it yourself.

Finally, when you choose professional pest control over Do It Yourself methods, you get quality assurance. If you are safeguarding your home, and bugs decide they’d like to get back in, you’ll need to do the work over again or figure out what you did wrong. Instead if you rely on the experts at Unified Pest Control to to service your home or business we are just a quick phone call away to take care of any recurring problem.

Unified Pest Control services all types of homes, business, schools, churches and more in the West Michigan area. We are proud of our reputation of outstanding customer service at affordable prices.

If you are all set to get the pest defense that your home requirements and your family deserves, contact us today. Our team is waiting and ready to service any of your pest control needs

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