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Grand Rapids Commercial Pest Control

From office buildings, warehouses and schools, to property management companies, homeowner associations and restaurants, we can help eliminate all of your pest control issues with our Grand Rapids Commercial pest control program. We offer a thorough property inspection, as well as ongoing pest control service and maintenance program to keep your place of business clean. We have a vested interest in providing a proven, environmentally conscious, cost-effective solution for your pest problems. If you are searching for a Grand Rapids Commercial pest control company, call Unified Pest Control today.

Our Grand Rapids commercial pest control solutions are affordable and offer a important safeguard to keeping your business, it’s employees, and your customers safe from pests.

Our business keeps yours in business

A single pest can bring a business to its knees. Whether it’s is a restaurant or warehouse, supermarket or school, health facility or retail shop, you can’t risk a Chicago pest control problem. With a Commercial Pest Control Plan from Unified Pest Control, you’ll gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your company and those you serve are protected from pests.

We provide protection against pests such as ants, spiders, termites, cockroaches, mosquitos, and more. We also offer a 31 day guarantee that will give you peace of mind in knowing that your pest control is handled by a local Grand Rapids based company that can partner with you.

We offer a free no-obligation quote that we can quickly give to you over the phone. Call us today to learn more about our pest control program.

Meeting Your Needs

One thing that we have learned over the years is that there are no two pest problems that are identical. Under the watch of Unified Pest Control, our customized plan will continuously evolve to meet the needs of your business. Our partnership together along with strong communication and a detailed inspections of your property. Detailed service reports, progress notes, pest sightings, equipment logs, product details, and other important documents are stored in this one place to make sure everyone is on the same page when we come to complete your service.

Grand Rapids Mole Control

As someone who runs a business you know how important first impressions can be. Having well maintained landscaping at your business location is a must. Moles can quickly destroy the investment you’ve made by causing extensive damage to your lawn. Having a Grand Rapids Mole Removal company can help ensure that your customers are focused on your business, service and products and not on the damage that moles cause. Contact Unified Pest Control today to learn more about mole removal in Grand Rapids.


Commercial Pest Control Options

We take great pride in using the latest technologies available to achieve the most effective results for our customers’ unique needs. Give us a call now to get a comparison to learn which preventative program is right for your business. Learn why our commercial pest control options are a necessary investment for your business.

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