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Byron Center Pest Control

Founded in 1878 Byron Center for years was a sleepy farming town located south of Grand Rapids. In recent years, Byron Center, like other communities in southern Kent County have experienced tremendous growth. Byron Center is now home to over 5,600 residents who call this quaint small town home.

Today Byron Center is still known for its abundance of farm land but also has a number of new residential neighborhood developments. People are attracted to Byron Center because of the strong Byron Center Public Schools, the quick access to both the Lake Michigan lake shore and the larger Grand Rapids metro area.


Byron Station in Byron Cetner
Byron Station in Byron Center

Pest Control Byron Center

Byron Center is an ideal place to live and work.  Not unlike other communities throughout West Michigan,  one thing that residents of Byron Center need to be mindful of are the various pests that like to also make their home in Byron Center.  Major pest issues related to  ants, bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, mosquitoes, bees, and more are often found in Byron Center area homes and businesses.

It’s no secret that you want to make sure that your Byron Center home continues to be an outstanding place for you and your family. In order to do so you should make sure that you partner with a professional Byron Center pest control company such as Unified Pest Control.

Our team of experienced and professional technicians will make sure we provide options that are both environmentally friendly as well as friendly to your wallet. Insects can spread disease, cause damage to property, and become a large nuisance if they are not dealt with properly.

Byron Center Mole Control

You’ve spent hours perfecting your lawn and making it the envy of your neighborhood. Your edging is perfect, the fertilization and watering is dialed in just right. However, the one thing that you can’t seem to get rid of are moles that are destroying your yard.
We have years of experience in getting rid of lawn moles in Byron Center and throughout the Grand Rapids area. Moles can cause extensive damage to your yard and can be difficult to take care of without a professional.
Do yourself a favor and contact us today regarding our lawn mole removal service in Byron Center, MI.

Mosquito Control Byron Center, MI

Summertime in Byron Center is as enjoyable as it gets. Sitting out on the back deck or enjoying a bon fire are favorite summertime traditions in Byron Center. Another activity that seems to be popular is trying to figure out the best method for mosquito control in Byron Center
Mosquitos  have ruined many summertime nights as well as exposed our families to insect-borne illnesses like EEEV, West Nile Virus, and Lyme Disease.
Byron Center Mosquito Control
Byron Center Mosquito Control

If you are interested in keeping your family and guests safe from mosquitoes and reclaiming your yard during the summer months be sure to contact us today to discuss our Byron Center Mosquito Control options. We have a variety of different options to fit your budget.

The experts at Unified Pest Control is your best option when you are looking for outstanding Byron Center Pest Control.

Exterminator Byron Center| Byron Center Pest Control

If you are in search of a Byron Center Exterminator for pest control make sure to reach out to us for a free no obligation quote. We provide professional pest control for cockroaches, termites, pantry pests, spiders, ants, fleas, beetles, bees and wasps. Protect your Byron Center home, business and family with a professional pest control service program.

Our goal is to be the company that provides the Best Pest Control in Byron Center, MI

Get rid of those "Unwanted Guests" once and for all!
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Byron Township Museum
Byron Township Museum

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