Winter Bugs That Bite


We were ensured a moist and cold winter. However, with the exception of one week, Grand Rapids has really had little cold, nevertheless good deals of moist. But bear in mind that winter isn’t over yet and spring is still over a month and a half away! Also, it is so easy to believe that, […]

Integrated Pest Management Approach


As the beautiful Michigan summer days begin to get shorter and shorter and the heat of the June, July, and August begin to give way to the crisp autumn nights of September and October it’s not only humans that begin preparing for the cooler months ahead but animals and bugs as well. While we humans […]

Itch Mites Prevention and Control


The oak leaf itch mite, which first made its look within the Grand Rapids space in 2014, has since commanded the eye of anybody partaking outdoor in gardening, sports activities, or different leisurely actions. This mite infests oak timber, primarily pin oaks, but additionally pink and black oaks, whereas looking for and feeding on larval […]

Be Cautious Of Seasonal Pests!


While ants, termites, mosquitoes, and so on are pests that no one wants to manage, we are explaining a numerous sort of seasonal pest: your typical, seasonal door-to-door pest control sales representatives.Every year, we are all bombarded – generally as we sit for dinner with the family – by a knock on the door, and […]

Ticks and Fleas

Ticks and Flea Control in Grand Rapids Getting rid of fleas and ticks when the summertime season heats up can be hard. Fleas particularly succeed in hot, wet temperature level levels. And when your home is pestered, it can take a variety of flea and tick treatments over a number of months to remove them. […]