What Causes Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

What Causes Bed Bugs Despite what some people may think bed bugs aren’t caused because of dirty or filthy conditions. They are also not some remnant from a plague centuries ago. They exist for one one reason – to survive off of the blood of humans. If you want to understand bed bugs you must […]

All You Need To Know About Termite Swarming

Termites Swarming

All You Need to Know about Termite Swarming The termite swarming season is upon us in Grand Rapids Subterranean termites usually swarm in the Spring and early Summer months.  Often times, swarming activity is preceded by significant rain and followed by warm, wet conditions – specifically the type of climate condition we have actually simply recently […]

Stinging and Biting Pests

Bee Removal Grand Rapids

The stinging season is upon us! While there are great deals of bees, wasps, hornets, and even some ants that can sting us and our animals, many of these stinging pests command our attention by virtue of their numbers, size, or aggressiveness. Two of them that immediately entered your mind are the cicada killer and […]

Elementor #1082

As pest control professionals we often get asked all questions related to bugs! Especially in the warmer months when people are spending more and more times outdoors. Because of that we’ve put together this helpful guide to insect repellents. How does bug spray work– what is the purpose, what should it do? The sprays that we apply to our body are known as insect repellents. These […]

The Full Service Pest Control Company

As you probably are aware, not all pest control service providers are the same. Unfortunately, for the pest control market, the normal misconception is that the service provided by pest control professionals require little training and skill. Many consumers regularly believe it’s routine for their pest control company to come out a number of times […]