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Our goal is to be the company that provides the Best Pest Control in the Grand Rapids.

Unified Pest Control is dedicated to ensuring that you have the most effective pest management as possible. When we partner with you, you will enjoy having the advantage of working with a locally owned and operated company with the resources of a large-scale service provider. We are able to bring you the most efficient and effective pest management programs available. We have designed our services to be of value to a wide range of customers – from residential homes to offices, churches, medical facilities, schools, retail establishments, and more. When you need your pest issues taken care of promptly in Grand Rapids, or anywhere in the West Michigan area give Unified Pest Control a call!

The professionals at Unified Pest Control are fully screened and appropriately trained on the latest pest control safety measures. Unified Pest Control services residential, commercial and industrial facilities such as offices, food service establishments, retail stores, grocers, schools, hotels, and property management buildings. We can handle all types of pests like ants, bed bugs, spiders, fleas and bees, varmints that can ruin your yard .

Protecting your family and your home is what drives our passion. We have seen first hand the peace of mind that our services bring to families across the Grand Rapids area. Our technicians are continually trained on the latest and most effective treatments available in the market and updated on pest biology and control methods by industry experts.

As you begin your search for the company that provides the best pest control in Grand Rapids we invite you to check out our blog or look through our articles on bed bugstermites, or cockroaches.

We commit to thorough and continuous communication, timely responses to your inquiries, great attention to detail, and a friendly smile. We hope you’ll join our other clients who have seen our dedication to providing excellent service. We also provide “green” alternatives and in all cases, the health of our clients and the protection of our shared environment is the highest priority for our company.

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Best Pest Control in Grand Rapids

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