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"I needed a Grand Rapids, MI pest control company and Unified Pest Control was timely and did a wonderful job for me. The customer service was top notch. I highly recommend this Grand Rapids Exterminator!"
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We specializes in bee removal in Grand Rapids MI. Our exterminators are skilled with wasp control, carpenter bee control, hornet control, and bee removal services.  Many stinging insects call Grand Rapids home. If you need a Grand Rapids MI pest control company we are ready to serve you.

Stop ants from crawling into your home and business . Our Grand Rapids Ant Exterminators are experts in eliminating your ant infestation.  Instead of just eliminating the current ants, we will use professional ant control techniques to protect your home or business against the thread of ants returning.

We provide safe and humane wildlife removal and control for nuisance wildlife such as racoons, skunks, opossums, bats, squirrels, and more.  Make sure to contact us today to learn about our wildlife removal in Grand Rapids

Racoon removal in Grand Rapids can be tricky and we are equipped to handle these critters which carry disease and cause damage. We use humane methods to remove these pests. We have experience with Racoon removal in Grand Rapids, Kentwood, Holland, Muskegon, and surrounding areas. Contact us to learn more about our wildlife removal services in Grand Rapids

 We’ve successfully provided pest extermination for homes, churches, restaurants, schools, thrift stores, offices, health care facilities, office buildings and more. 

 If thinking about bed bugs has you itching, its time to call the best Grand Rapids bed bug exterminator.  We are experts in effective treatment of bed bug infestation. Our Grand Rapids bed bug treatment works for homes, hotels, nursing homes and other areas. Get rid of your bed bug infestation and give us a call today

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Recent Reviews

Julie Schmidt
NW Grand Rapids, MI

I’m in NW Grand Rapids and needed a Grand Rapids pest control company. You were super prompt and wonderful to work with! We had some special requests and you were able to easily accommodate them.


Dan Carson
Kentwood, MI

Wish I would have hired you guys sooner. I needed wildlife removal in Grand Rapids. I contacted a different companies and they missed 2 appointments. You have been professional and timely. Thanks for helping out with my issue of critter control in Grand Rapids MI

David Peterson
Rockford, MI

We heard a noise in our attic one night and the next day we realized that we had bats in our attic. So happy we hired the wildlife removal experts to help get rid of bats in the attic.

Richard & Rebeca Schmidt
Caledonia, MI

We had a huge problem with carpenter ants. After having you guys out we haven’t seen one since. If I need  a Grand Rapids pest control services again I will be calling you. Thank you for keeping my home safe.

Amanda Viles
East Grand Rapids, MI

I hate stinging insects and bugs and having a pest control program in place with your company means I don’t have to worry about finding one! You saved in my phone as Grand Rapids Pest Control service company.

Peter Martin
Lowell, MI

I own a small business and the last thing I want is a customer seeing any bugs at my shop. Was a no-brainer business decision to make sure I had a pest control program in place.

Jennifer Chen
Byron Center, MI

Lawn moles were invading our property and I needed someone that could take care of the moles destroying our landscaping in Byron Center. After a few visits they were gone! 

Henry Sager
Muskegon, MI

Thankful I hired you to take care of the pest issues I had. Your pest solutions were super effective and affordable. I can highly recommend you to anyone looking for pest control in Muskegon

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Grand Rapids and West Michigan exterminator and wildlife removal experts.

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Cockroach Extermination

One of the most common pests we find in homes and business across Grand Rapids are cockroaches. Finding a cockroach in can be very troublesome. Cockroaches  carry diseases and their droppings can trigger asthma attacks. Cockroaches breed quickly and are hard to control without the help of a professional cockroach exterminator. Give us a call today to help with your pest control in Grand Rapids 


Bed Bug Exterminator Grand Rapids

Bed bugs are tough and resilient. They survive for months without a meal and reproduce quickly. Trying to take care of bed bugs without the help of a professional bed bug exterminator may make the problem worse. If you discover bed bugs in your  home or business please don’t delay and contact us immediately to schedule a bed bug inspection.

Skunk Removal

We use professional methods to remove these stinky critters.  Typically we can complete Grand Rapid skunk removal without any spraying. And if they do, we have methods and techniques to help eliminate the pungent smell. Make sure to contact us today to learn more about our skunk removal in Grand Rapids and other critter control.


Racoon Removal

Raccoons are on a never ending search for food and once they gain entry into your home or business they can cause extensive damage. If you have an issue with Racoons in your Grand Rapids home or business make sure you contact us today to learn about our Grand Rapids racoon removal and other solutions for critter control.


Bat Removal

Bat removal in Grand Rapids MI, Kentwood, Holland, Muskegon and other areas of West Michigan can be difficult. Bats like to dwell in warm, dark places. They are often found in attics or in the soffit of your house. If you suspect you have bats in your home or business it’s important to contact us as soon as possible as their are a number of diseases associated with the fecal matter from bats. We are experts in Grand Rapids bat removal.


Opossum Removal

Opossums can become a nuisance to humans as they scavenge for food.  They have also been known to kill young domestic pets with their extremely sharp teeth when provoked. If you need Grand Rapids Opossum removal make sure to contact us today. We provide opossum removal in Grand Rapids, Kentwood, Rockford, Muskegon and all throughout the area

Termite Exterminators

The most destructive pest in Michigan are termites. These common pests cause property owners millions of dollars each year in damages.  Without proper termite control and left untreated, termite damage can eventually cause an entire building to collapse!  If you suspect a termite problem it’s critical to partner with the pest control professionals so we can implement termite control and prevent future termite infestations. 

Mosquito Treatments

Summer time in West Michigan can be a feeding frenzy for Mosquitoes and stinging insects. Several diseases including West Nile virus have been transmitted by mosquitoes. It’s important that you do all you can do to protect your family from their bites. We are proud to offer mosquito control services throughout the Grand Rapids area.

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If you’re looking for the Best Exterminator in Grand Rapids there is only one answer – Unified Pest Control. Keep your family and pets safe with our affordable and effective pest control solutions.

We are a local family owned business and take pride in protecting you and your home.  Our goal is to deliver exceptional results with quality work. Other companies may lure you in by offering a free inspection, only to sign you up for a lengthy service contract. We take pride in our honesty and only recommending the pest control solutions that will be effective for your situation and have little to no environmental impact.

If you have a pest problem or need wildlife removal in the Grand Rapids area contact us and rest easy knowing your pest problems are taken care of. We use American pest solutions that are safe, effective and affordable and will help prevent future infestations.

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We take pride in partnering with you to protect your home and business. Starting as a small business we have grown to a leading Grand Rapids pest control company has in the pest control industry.   We also provide wildlife removal in the Grand Rapids MI area.  We have mastered the top techniques in safely and effectively treating all types of pest infestation. Being a local, family owned pest control business we have never lost track of the fact that we must continually provide top notch service.